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This is a astro template that uses tailwindcss and alpinejs
Alpine js is less than 17kb and it make javascript very fast to write, there are also various open source ready to use components like https://js.hyperui.dev, https://www.alpinetoolbox.com/examples, https://alpinejs.dev/components#components
Of course, but some components use it and you'll have to edit these, more specifically you ll have to:
  • First remove the package with the command npm unistall @astrojs/alpinejs @types/alpinejs alpinejs
  • Adjust all components that uses alpine js: faq.astro, themeselector.astro, navbar.astro
I mean, you can, but you'll have to basically rewrite all the template, so I don't recommend it
One way is to simply keep one language and remove the selector from the footer but in order to fully remove the localization you have to:
  • Remove the i18next pacakage npm unistall astro-i18next
  • Remove astro-i18next.config.mjs file
  • Remove locales folder from public
  • Remove languageselector.astro file and from footer
  • Find all reference to i18next and astro-i18next and replace with your text
Dark mode is embedded into tailwindcss, so you can't remove it, but you can remove the switch from the navbar
To configure Sveltia CMS with cloudflare follow this guide https://github.com/sveltia/sveltia-cms
To configure decap CMS with netlify do the followings:
In order to change the languages you have to change the languages in the file astro-i18next.config.mjs and in the netlifyCMS configuration on the file astro.config.mjs
Then change the locales files folders in public/locales
These are cloudflare function that are used for the authentication to the decap CMS
One of the problem could be that the Build system version is setted to version 1, make sure that version 2 is selected

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